“I don’t know anything about Twitter and the internet but I know that when the scoreboard showed 329 mph when I was running beside me daughter Courtney I saw the gleam in her eyes and the excitement. Whether she did it or not did not matter to me.

It was just the dream of doing something good in front of the sponsors, the fans and her team. Then NHRA explained to me that they didn’t know how fast she ran but the numbers didn’t make sense and my own crew chiefs agreed that at half-track we were running pretty close to the same and how could she outrun me by that much.

I go with what the umpire calls but I can say this in my heart and I don’t want to debate it, right or wrong, in fairness to my daughter there were no points or money to be made. It was nothing but a kid’s dream of doing something great.

I can tell you this, I never got the record and she didn’t get the record. Jack Beckman has the record and he still has it because we didn’t back up our 323 mph run.

In that moment I guarantee you she may not have run as fast as Beckman but she ran as fast as her dad. She went by me like a freight train. It doesn’t matter in the big picture but the gleam in her eyes does. That is all I ever cared about; driving because you love it.” - John Force